Try to escape in 60 minutes...


Darkness. For a moment you absolutely block information about the world around. Your imagination begins creating horrible stories, your vision ceases to be your best helper.

The maze is a new format of game – lots of innovative light and sound effects add unusual feelings to the unknown world and create a feeling of light thriller. Cold metal, soft fabric or soft walls add even more to the new world. Labyrinths, mysterious passages and hiding places – it is fear, joy and passion at the same time. Listen to the sound, observe the surroundings, find your teammates or enemies.

The Game

Group of friends

Do you want to have a fun and try hour full of adrenaline? Kick your sense and come compete with your friends.


Experience adventure and immerse yourself in mysterious corridors hidden labyrinth, where fantasy does not know the boundaries.


Discover the new worlds of the city, try crazy feelings and start your adrenaline.


Step out of the ordinary days, replace the four walls of the office behind a maze and test your team.


Hide and seek

Hidde and seek in maze is a better version of classic children game, where adult players are sweaty too. At the beginning, players will be split on pair of seekers and other players. The other group that will hide will enter the labyrinth with a 30-second early. Their task will be to find a way outside on the other side of the maze. Then there come the sekers who can’t communicate with each other. When a seeker catches a player, player stays motionless. The other player who touches him will rescue him. A group of players will win, when at least two people of them get outside within a set time limit. Otherwise, a group of seekers wins.

Ghost Town

In this game, players are divided into two, roughly equally large groups – “hunters” and “victims”. Both groups have the task of collecting as many “lives” as possible in the labyrinth and transport them to collection checkpoints. The “hunters” can only collect lives from the victims. Among “lives” there are several “shields” and “super life”. “Shields” prevent hunter rob the victim’s life. If the hunter hit the victim with a “super life”, hunter must give all their lives for victim. But beware! Every player can have maximum to 3 lives at a time. The group, which has more lives, will win.


In the game trap players will feel a little the time pressure. Again, at the beginning, they are divided into 2 approximately the same groups. Both groups will have the task of collecting as many lives as possible within the set time limit and returning them to the checkpoint. Every player can have maximum to 3 lives at a time. In each group, the timed “dynamite” circulates, which, when exploded, loses all the lives that group has been accumulated. However!  The maze is hidden some treasure boxes and timer lock. If players can find at least one box before the explosion, they not only get a treasure in the form of lives, but they will eliminate the dynamite by closing the box to save their player. The group who has more lives will win.

Playground (for children)

In this case, it is a special light mode created for our smallest players to not completely lost into maze. The dark spaces of the labyrinth adjust to a more amiable form, the spaces turn into a less monstrous but still mysterious and playful place. Children can choose from other game scenarios or invent their own game rules. Their imagination and adventure are not boundaries.

Own scenario

Players can bring any scenario of the game. Whether you want to test your tactical skills or test the cooperation of your team members, let’s just leave it to you. Just book a term and we will give you an hourly labyrinth with expansive of 140m². You can also use our protection accessories and all the game props you can find here. If you have created a special scenario but are not sure whether you can play it (e.g. paintball, airsoft, pillow war), do not hesitate to contact us.





60 minutes



Payment must be made in person before starting the game and cash only.



Players are getting discount to the date of birth and in the period of 7 following days!

– 10%


When student’s ID card or elementary school book provided you are getting this discount.

– 10%


Discount when booking for 10 or more people.

– 15%

Compound of discounts is not possible.

Available dates and reservation


Frequently asked questions...

Will we feel uncomfortable or scared in a dark labyrinth?

The game Maze is an adrenaline game designed to generate tension in players during the task solving. Players can choose from several game mode and scenes, so they can also adapt to the labyrinth in less scary. Throughout the game, our staff watches over the cameras, so they can always intervene in touch if somebody of players gets nauseous. If you feel uncomfortable during the game, you can always pause the game.

Can children play the maze?

The game can be played by children from 12 years of age. For the less courageous, we have a special light mode that will gradually reveal all the part of labyrinth in different colors.

Is it dangerous?

Every player gets a protective helmet and glasses when they enter the game. All the walls and corners in the labyrinth are covered with soft material to avoid unnecessary accidents. In addition, there is a ban on running inside. The space is monitored all the time by the camera system.

How many players can participate the game?

The maximum number of players is 16. The minimum number of players is 2.

What if we have an odd number of players in a group or are we only two players?

The scenarios of our games are not designed for the exact number of players. Each scenario can be customized and split up by agreement. If there are only a few players, we can adapt the spaces of the labyrinth by closing several passages. Players will not be unnecessarily circumvented.

What props can we borrow from you?

In own scenarios, players can borrow props for free as: rubber bracelets (for any label for example life), phosphorescent coins, other phosphorescent things, various timers, time lock boxes, closure boxes, transmitters, various portable light sources, gloves and helmets with lighting, soft foam bars.

What will happen if we don’t come on time?

If is some booking after your reservation, your game will be shortened by the delay time.


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