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Try to escape in 60 minutes...

bludisko bratislava petrzalka
bludisko labyrint v zivotnej velkosti
bludisko obcerstvenie a catering


Darkness. For a moment you absolutely block information about the world around. Your imagination begins creating horrible stories, your vision ceases to be your best helper.

The maze is a new format of game – lots of innovative light and sound effects add unusual feelings to the unknown world and create a feeling of light thriller. Cold metal, soft fabric or soft walls add even more to the new world. Labyrinths, mysterious passages and hiding places – it is fear, joy and passion at the same time. Listen to the sound, observe the surroundings, find your teammates or enemies.

The Game

Group of friends

Do you want to have a fun and try hour full of adrenaline? Kick your sense and come compete with your friends.


Experience adventure and immerse yourself in mysterious corridors hidden labyrinth, where fantasy does not know the boundaries.


Discover the new worlds of the city, try crazy feelings and start your adrenaline.


Step out of the ordinary days, replace the four walls of the office behind a maze and test your team.


typ hry lovci

Hunting / Hunters and victims

In this game, people will be separate in two teams. Victim team is going inside maze earlier than hunters and must   The  victim team comes inside with the lead in the maze, where he has the task of hiding and escaping incoming hunters. The hunters must capture as many victims as possible and get them „life“. Win will team which will have more lives. Do you know be quite to nobody find you? Do you know be so quiet so that nobody found you? Or you like challenge and you catch everybody in the dark?

mesto duchov

Sound effects

This scenario of the game is exceptional by the fact that the environment in which the players are found turns more scary and much more visible than before. As a result, the game becomes faster and players are revealed many times. In the maze there are various light stroboscopes, landmine, sounds, voices … If you are not afraid and want to improve game a bit, try this!

typ hry tnt


This game also brings with you a time stress for the players. This is a excretory game in which only one winner is left. All players enter the maze, where they must hide. One of the players remains out, who has a “dynamite”. This “dynamite” explodes after 3 minutes. The task will be to find someone in the maze as quickly as possible and “dynamite” to get him. He then moves between the players and the one who explodes leaves the game. However, “dynamite” is brought back among players. Who will remain the last to win.



This scenario brings a lot of fun to the game. Before the game each player receives a foam “sword” from the molitan. If someone in the maze comes across, he can “beat” him while he gets his life or just for fun. It’s up to you, we do not prevent fantasy.

bludisko zabava pre deti

Playground (for children)

In this case, it is a special light mode created for our smallest players to not completely stray. The dark spaces of the labyrinth adjust to a more amiable form, the spaces turn into a less monstrous but still mysterious and playful place. Children can choose from other game scenarios or invent their own game rules. Their imagination and adventure are not boundaries.

oslava pre deti


This scenario is interesting if you want organize birthday party in our maze.
All friends/ family are hiding in maze. Birthday boy / birthday girl then comes to us and does not know what she is going to do. He/she must find all their friends in the maze. When she/he catch somebody, he/she must to find out who is it.  If she/he don’t know who is it, he/she must release the person concerned. If everybody is catched, they are going out from maze and continue with celebrate. Whoever does not like surprises? However, will probably surprise each other.

typ hry vlastny scenar

Own scenario

Players can bring any scenario of the game. Whether you want to test your tactical skills or test the cooperation of your team members, let’s just leave it to you.  Just book the term and we will give you an hourly labyrinth of 140m². You can also use our protection accessories and all the game props you can find here. If you have created a special script but are not sure whether you can play it (eg paintball, airsoft, cushioning), do not hesitate to contact us.





60 minutes



Payment must be made in person before starting the game and cash only.



Players are getting discount to the date of birth and in the period of 7 following days!

– 10%


When student’s ID card or elementary school book provided you are getting this discount.

– 10%


Discount when booking for 10 or more people.

– 10%

Compound of discounts is not possible.

Available dates and reservation


Frequently asked questions...

Will we feel uncomfortable or scared in a dark labyrinth?

The game Maze is an adrenaline game designed to generate tension in players during the task solving. Players can choose from several game mode and scenes, so they can also adapt to the labyrinth in less scary. Throughout the game, our staff watches over the cameras, so they can always intervene in touch if somebody of players gets nauseous. If you feel uncomfortable during the game, you can always pause the game.

Can children play the maze?

The game can be played by children from 12 years of age. For the less courageous, we have a special light mode that will gradually reveal all the part of labyrinth in different colors.

Is it dangerous?

Every player gets a protective helmet and glasses when they enter the game. All the walls and corners in the labyrinth are covered with soft material to avoid unnecessary accidents. In addition, there is a ban on running inside. The space is monitored all the time by the camera system.

How many players can participate the game?

The maximum number of players is 25. The minimum number of players is 4.

What if we have an odd number of players in a group?

The scenarios of our games are not designed for the exact number of players. Each scenario can be customized and split up by agreement. If there are only a few players, we can adapt the spaces of the labyrinth by closing several passages. Players will not be unnecessarily circumvented.

What props can we borrow from you?

In own scenarios, players can borrow props for free as: rubber bracelets (for any label for example life), phosphorescent coins, other phosphorescent things, various timers, time lock boxes, closure boxes, transmitters, various portable light sources, gloves and helmets with lighting, soft foam bars.

What will happen if we don’t come on time?

If is some booking after your reservation, your game will be shortened by the delay time.


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